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Studio membership offers passionate and involved potters and ceramic artists an opportunity to immerse themselves in ceramic art at Stanford. Studio members have their own reserved shelf space and 24-hour access to the studio. Studio members also participate in operating our completely student-run studio space. Studio membership is strictly limited to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. If you are a Stanford affiliate who is interested in becoming part of the studio community, check out our classes and studio helper positions.

What is required of our members each quarter?

  • Responsiveness to club emails
  • Quarterly membership fee, paid on time: 
    • $100/quarter - undergraduate/graduate students
    • $175/quarter - all other Stanford affiliates (postdocs, staff, etc.)
    • ** If you know you will be away from campus for one quarter but would still like to maintain your spot, a safety deposit of your tier cost + $25 will be charged for the quarter you’re away. The deposit will be applied to your dues the quarter of your active return to the studio.
    • Please email or make a note in the sign-up form to request financial assistance
  • At least 6 hours of studio tasks (such as cleaning) per quarter
  • Active use of the studio!


Membership requirements
Members must be currently enrolled Stanford students at the undergraduate or graduate level.
Members must also attend a safety training session (typically 30 mins).

Membership is ideal for people who are enthusiastic about being a part of a ceramic community and have a known passion for making things out of clay. If you have never been in a ceramic studio before, or if you haven't been in one in awhile, we strongly recommend taking one of our classes first to learn more about the studio and to get comfortable in the workspace. Most of our members have taken at least one class at our studio and have been very invested in the class. Since we understand that Stanford students rarely have ample leisure time, we don't expect our members to live, eat and breathe ceramics (especially since eating and breathing clay is not healthy). However, we do hope our members think of pursuing ceramics as something worth making time for.

Because of the physical size of our studio and kiln space, and because of the limited number of volunteer hours we have available to run the studio, we are limited to 45 members at a time. Because we have so few members, the waiting list tends to move very slowly. It is often faster to enroll in a class than to pursue membership.

New members are accepted at the beginning of every academic quarter. New members must attend a 30-minute safety training session before being granted access to the studio. All members are responsible for the quarterly membership tasks to which they are assigned. Members are dropped if they fail to respond to the quarterly membership emails.

Let us know you're interested in becoming a member by filling out this this form! Please note that the form is not used to evaluate the case for student membership. We make offers for membership entirely on a first-come-first-served basis. There's currently a long waitlist to become a member. It may take up to 1-4 years after you fill out the form to become a member.



Andrew Xue  - Co-president
Genevieve Dandurand - Co-President
Gabe Barron - Financial Officer
Ana Trindade Ribeiro- Kiln Manager and Cookie Chef
Susan Witebsky - Kiln Manager and Cookie Chef
Daisy O’Mahoney - Inventory Manager
Alessandra Diaz - Cleanup Manager
Noori Chai - Reclaim Manager
Sarah Jobalia, Mark Piercy - Website Manager

Club Members: Looking for an e-mail address? Find your work group manager's e-mail in the work group Google doc.