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Signups for Summer quarter are closed. Fall classes will open for enrollment September 15th at noon PDT at this link:

Classes will be $100 for the whole quarter if you get a spot in a class. Please email or indicate on the sign-up form to request financial assistance. 

Summer Quarter Instructors

Monday 6pm-9pm: Emily Tsang, and Susan Witebsky

Tuesday 6pm-9pm:  Bea Choi, Nicholas Robles, and Ryan Eberhardt

Wednesday 9am-12pm: Gabrielle Jackson and Yara Sellin

Wednesday 6pm-9pm: Noori Chai and Vicky D'Urso

Thursday 6pm-9pm: Joan Lin and Alex White

Fall Quarter Instructors

Monday 6pm-9pm: Sulgi Park and Susan Witebsky

Tuesday 6pm-9pm:  Vicky D'Urso and Sarah Jobalia

Wednesday 9am-12pm: Zoë Bower and Yara Sellin

Wednesday 6pm-9pm: Genevieve Dandurand and Ana Trindade Ribeiro

Thursday 6pm-9pm: Joan Lin and Alex White